Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday's Toots! #16

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Happy Tuesday!
(Woot! Woot! Yes, that's me cheering for myself since I remembered it was Tuesday this week ;)

For a new post coming up I'm asking the question, "What words do your little ones say that only you would know what they are talking about? i.e.: 'lip it' for zip it" Let me know in the comments below or hit the submission button on the home page.

Let's get Tooting!...

Small Girl @smallgirltweets
Smallgirl (4yo) is playing the piano. "Do you want it loud or quiet or miggle-sized?"
Betty Sue @kidzquotes
Went out one night all decked out & from 4 yr old got 'Mum, WHY are you wearing that halloween costume??'
Shawna T. 
So, I am dancing around the kitchen and 6yo daughter looks over at me and says, "totally unprofessional"...... :) I think what she meant was “inappropriate” but she should know me by now.
Kiersten W. @kierstenwhite
Son, on the reasons he wants to be a peacock: "And I would get to eat dirty corn off the ground!" A sound and logical argument indeed
My 4 yr old told my husband practice starts at 5pm bc "Daddy is always late so I told him an earlier time." Smart boy.

Tyanna A.
My 2 yr old just yelled with her hands held high in the air "the word is my nemesis!!" Thank you 'Phineas & Ferb'. :)

Mama Crass  via SassyPieHole (FB)
‎"There's hair in my fingers!" (she says with a pretzel rod in her toes)

Jodey C. M.
me: that is a stinky diaper!
3yo son: sorry mom I eat cacos (tacos)
me: I missed you B (3yo son)!
3yo son: mom I miss me too
me: how do you feel about that man that hurt all those people?(OBL)
7yo son: I would punch him in the tummy and flush his head in the toilet.

Thanks for the smiles and laughs everyone! I hope you enjoyed. Remember: "What words do your kiddos say that only you can interpret?"

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Bees With Honey on May 27, 2011 at 1:58 PM said...

I love reading all of the toots you share. They're so cute and funny. I need to start tweeting you more things my kids say!

Suitcase on May 30, 2011 at 7:36 PM said...

So funny! Sometimes I wish they'd never learn to speak properly because it's so darned cute!!!

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