Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday's Toots #11 Innocent Insults

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After a brief interlude... the Toots are BACK!!  

This week I wanted to try another themed Toots: INNOCENT INSULTS --You know the kind that come out when you least expect it (usually in public and most definitely embarrassing).


Tonight 3 y/o son RIPS ONE in Target and then says out LOUD "Mommy, who tooted?" Then he chuckles.

Misty R.
Sitting in the doctors office waiting room... Son (4yo) LOUDLY announces "mom you have a wart on your face!" No son, it's a zit, and thank you for pointing it out to the whole waiting area. Then he asks "mom why are all these women pregnant??". Not one of them is. I can't take him anywhere without being embarrassed lately!

Last week we were walking through Walmart and this cute grandma says to me "your boys are so cute" Son (same 4yo) says to her "well you are fat". I wonder how cute she thought they were after that!

Son (3.5 yo) insisted that my father-in-law (his grandpa) was pregnant because he has a belly. My FIL laughed and said it was a good question but no, he just needed to start exercising.

Shawna T.
My daughter (5yr.) said to our sweet neighbor lady (who looks quite amazing for her late 60's): "So why is it that some grandmas have turkey necks?" 
Neighbor: "well..... I don't know but good question." 
5yo: "hmmm, I was just wondering, did I tell you that you look my teacher? but she's skinnier than you." 

So my neighbor lady tells me this and of course I was MORTIFIED but she was laughing saying that she didn't mind at all, kids just tell you what is on their mind. She thought it was funny..... (Thank goodness) :)

Crayon Wrangler (@CrayonWrangler)
My kid loudly in crowded Walmart line: "Mom. How many VDs do you got?" (The word she's looking for is DVDs)

After a week of sitting on my couch with my lil toot (she had the flu) it was fun to put these together. Thanks to everyone for sharing with us! I'd love to visit this theme again sometime so keep 'em coming :)

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday's Toots! #10

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It's Tuesday!  Enjoy the Toots!!...

Betty Sue (@kidzquotes)
A (7yo): "Mum I can't sleep cuz I can't decide if I want to be a rock star or a candy store owner when I grow up"

Tiffany B.
Hubby calls (on speaker phone) "Hi, I'm in atlanta headed to my gate."
X(5yo son): "Daddy! You're in love with some one else! (meaning mama)
You can't go on a DATE!"

I don't know weather to unplug the cable or get him hearing aids.)

Jessica W. (@TheLeakyBoob)
DH to 8YO: I can't move the sun, I'm very sorry. 
8YO: It's not fair! I need a daddy that can move the sun!

Crayon Wrangler (@CrayonWrangler)
My kid loudly in crowded Walmart line: "Mom. How many VDs do you got?" (The word she's looking for is DVDs)

Mama Crass (@SassyPieHole)
3yo daughter: "There's no more milk!" 
(all you gotta do is say "Mommy... may I have some more milk, please?") 3yo: "Shoe off! Shoe OFF!" 
(you mean "STEP" off?)

Michael C.
M (8yo son): "This mouthwash is supposed to taste like Ocean Berry. What the heck is an Ocean Berry? I don't think they exist. This stuff isn't very good."...."I like grape M&Ms, the kind that are made with real grape juice".

Small Girl (@smallgirltweets)
"You come in my shop Mummy and you buy things you don't want, but you haven't got. OK?" #smallgirl gets capitalism.

v Jacob (@uniquelykiki) (via @kidzquotes)
my 7year old when asked what she wanted for Xmas replied "art materials with a weasle please"

same daughter also wanted to keep a caterpillar until it turned into a racoon! Told her she would have a long wait :-)


Thank you once again to everyone for letting me share your comments! I hope they made you smile!

Also, I'm working on another Toots post themed: "Innocent Insults". If your little ones have ever embarrassed you with their much TOO honest comments, we want to hear about it!!  Submit it here at our ToddleToots email or on our Facebook Page.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tips&Tricks~ Thinking Outside the Box... Even with Laundry!

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This is a special guest post from a mom of 3 who has some great practical and creative ways of simplifying the daily pain in the you-know-what chores that must get done.  Especially, when we have little ones running around making everything a little more complicated or taking a little more time than it would have sans kiddos. She is a special friend of mine. She likes to think outside the box to come up with creative and resourceful ways of doing even the more mundane things to help make life more practical and simple enabling her to have more focused family time.  Please meet Nicole A! You can find her over at ThingsOnlyParentsSay...

Exaggeration! (not really Nicole's laundry problem,
but obviously somebody's)
My solution to our Laundry problem:

Laundry is not my favorite chore. Yet, I was keeping up with it well enough until I got pregnant with our 3rd child. First, you should know that our laundry room is in the basement, while all of our bedrooms are on the second level of our house. Secondly, I was a new stay at home mom with a 3 1/2 year old, a 4 monthold and PREGNANT! We were shocked to say the least. (I am one of those not-so-lucky ladies that throws up for all 9 months of pregnancy too.) Well, once the sheer shock and slight terror wore off a bit, I took a look at a few things in my life. I realized pretty quickly, that some changes needed to be made in order to accommodate where we were at in life. I needed to simplify and mainstream as many things as possible.  

One of the biggest frustrations I was having was laundry - it felt like it was everywhere. Some was in our closets and dressers, dirty laundry was on the floor in all of our rooms, we had baskets of clean clothes on the floor in our rooms as well.  Of course, we had clothes in the laundry room too - some dirty in piles, others clean but unfolded, etc. Getting myself dressed in the morning was a chore (running up and down the stairs searching for different items) - let alone trying to get the kids all dressed. I was finding myself more & more frustrated by the day. I felt like I could never find ANYTHING! 

So, one day I asked myself why I was continuing the lunacy. What I was doing wasn't working - that much was clear. So, I needed to think outside the box. I finally came up with something that would work for me and my family. I didn't have a name for it for a long time, but over the years, I've come to realize that I am not the only one out there to do this. This crazy thing that I decided to do is called a 'family closet'. 

I decided to have all of our clothes stay in the laundry room. I set up dirty laundry baskets on one side. Then on the other side of the laundry room by the dryer, I set up a series of baskets for our clean laundry - every person in our family got their own basket (or baskets for those of us adults with more clothes). I set these baskets on a table like thing, so the clean clothes stay off the ground & to give the opportunity to utilize the space under the table. We also have a closet for hanging clothes. (I call our set up the ghetto version…if you google 'family closet' you will see some pretty sweet set ups, but you can do it on the cheap & just make it functional too.) I  also decided to hang bags (like grocery bag size) off the outer edge of each basket for everyone's socks & underwear. There are containers you could buy for this kind of stuff too…but mine was built out of desperation, so I used whatever I could find. I also quickly realized that I needed a separate bin for the clothes the kids have grown out of. (I find myself going through that bin about ever 4 to 6 months - to separate out by gender and donation vs. keep, etc.) 

Here's the beauty to this set up: 
1. I can go down to the laundry room and get clothes for myself & all of my children in one fell swoop. 
2. It made it way easier to fold laundry right away & set it in each person's basket and be done with it. 
3. When my hubby wakes up to go to work - he doesn't wake me up by bumping around our room. Now, he can just wake up and go down to the laundry room to get dressed. 
4. He can also just toss his dirty laundry in the appropriate baskets right away. Which makes doing laundry easier because I rarely have to go around to each room gathering huge piles. (I occasionally have to gather socks from rooms, but even that is really is not all that often.)
5. The grow out bin is nice to have right there, because I can toss the freshly laundered & folded clothes right into it, and I don't have to do a grand sorting - I can just do it easily while doing laundry. 
6. Even as our kids get a little bit older, their rooms don't get messy with clothes & dirty laundry. 

Examples from LotsofKids.com

Here's the weaknesses of this set up (full disclosure):
1. Clothes in the baskets can become messed up pretty easily (especially when in a hurry), so I do need to take a little bit of time every once in a while to re-organize each persons area. 
2. When life is really crazy, I sometimes settle for draping each persons clothes in their baskets or areas rather than folding them…not as organized looking, but still functional. 
3. You don't really have room for other seasonal clothing, so when the seasons change, you have to do some swapping out.

Overall, the positives SO far outweigh the negatives. ESPECIALLY early on. Even though, it's not the traditional way…it really is a system that works for us. It instantly lowered my stress level in that department. Now, it's hard to imagine doing anything else. Laundry is just so streamlined, that changing it to be more 'normal' feels like an act of stupidity and making our life more complicated. 

I guess more than anything - this is me encouraging you to give yourself permission to think outside of the box and do what works for you and your family. :-)

Thank You Nicole for sharing with us one of your tips & tricks! If this inspired you, or you have a tip that has simplified your life with kids (if it's short go ahead and leave it in the comments, but if it's longer submit it for a post similar to this one), please share it with us.

Enjoy your weekend,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday's Toots! #9

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Happy Tuesday! I hope you enjoy reading the funny and cute things that our little ones have been saying. I love putting them together every Monday night, they make me smile and I hope they make you smile too...

Mama Crass (@sassypiehole)
3yo daughter: "I have something in my belly button!" (stop playing and eat your supper) "It's just an egg in my belly!"

at Ikea: 3yo: "Hey... that looks just like ME in the mirror!" (honey, that IS you in the mirror)

Alicia (@aggraygate)
J (4) to his little Sister (2)): Can you hurry up and push out some babies so there are some more people to play with around here.

5 yr old just told me that they are goin on a trip 2 church tomorrow and he thinks god will be there to show him round. How innocent.

Betty Sue (@kidzquotes)
E (4yrs) 'Mum, your hairdude (hairdo) looks like a carousel'

7yrs: 'I love this song. It's by Ribena & M & Ms' (Rihanna & Eminem)

'I'm singing in my best Oprah voice' (C 7 yrs.)
Uh... do u mean Opera?

Rachael U.
>kids just went to bed<

L (4yo son): MOM!!

Me:*sigh* yes L?

L: I had a nightmare!!

Me: You haven't fallen asleep yet...

L:....um..yes I did...and and...I had a nightmare!!

Me: No buddy...ya didn't! Go to sleep!!

L: Yes I did...it was about...about..(giggle)..OK mom, you're right I didn't!! Goodnight!!

Thank you to everyone who shared!! Keep us in mind next time your kids do or say funny things. Please feel free to comment if something strikes you funny or reminds you of something your own kids said.  We LOVE comments!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Guest Post ~ Day At the Zoo Through the Eyes of a 3yo

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I have been thinking about how fun it would be to do some posts from a child’s perspective and I cam across this post of a 3yo’s commentary on her day at the Zoo.  I LOVE this! I also love how she captured it with her pics! 

Please meet Amelia via her mom, Julie.  Julie is a part-time WAHM sharing how she is learning to balance work, life, and adventurous 3 year old Amelia over at her blog: 3Momsin1.   Enjoy!...

After more than a month of cold temperatures and gray skies, the SUN CAME OUT!

The forecast predicted a high temperature of 64. They were wrong... it ended up reaching 70 degrees! What a wonderful, gorgeous day.

The Atlanta area doesn't get much bad winter weather (our January snowpocalypse was shocking!), but our months are very gray. Clearly, the sun has a winter home in south Florida. After weeks of depression-inducing weather blahs, when that first sunny day hits Atlanta, the people head outdoors. The nearby parks were so crowded, it looked like ants pouring out of an anthill.

We knew we had to relish the incredible day as well. We took Amelia on her very first trip to the zoo! This was a huge event for such an animal lover. And she was at a perfect age. She kept her eyes wide with wonder and a spring in her step as we discovered meerkats and lemurs, snakes and gila monsters, panda bears and lions.

In true Amelia fashion (and with typical loud preschooler volume), she kept the commentary running the entire time.

"Woah, those are the biggest I've ever seen!"

"He was scratching his bum! What's his name? Oh, Ivan! Hi Ivan! You have an itch on your bum!?!"
"Panda bear! Snacktime for panda bear! Hey, Mommy! She said he is three! When it's my birthday party, I will be three! Hey bear... Amelia is three too!!!"

"He's so funny! It's a tired sleepy day! Hey kangaroo... WAKE UP!!!!"

"It's OK baby elephant... your daddy isn't here? Oh, he's at work. He will be home soon! Shhh, baby elephant. It's OK. You'll be fine. Shhhh, shhhh."

And a silent Amelia in the middle of the path. She did not want to go home.

Thank You Julie over at 3Momsin1 for sharing this post with us! Please show her some love and visit her site.  Another of her posts you might enjoy is her finale to her Potty Training with Amelia, it's funny and has some great tips. Congrats Amelia!

If you enjoyed today's post, please let us know in the comments!

Thanks for visiting today!  If your little ones are non-stop commentators or have a funny conversation with you, please send it in HERE or straight to our ToddleToots email.  I think there is something healthy, not to mention just down right cute and sometimes hilarious, to view things from a child’s perspective.  


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday's Toots! #8

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Happy March 1st! It's Tuesday and you know what that means... So without further adieu, let the "tooting" begin ;)

Funny Bunny 1 (6yo) came in the kitchen as I was doing dishes, came up to me and said, "Mom, I totally craughed when I banged my knee in the wall."
"You what?"
"I craughed. You know, when you do something that hurts but it's so funny that you have to just cry and laugh at the same time."
"I didn't know that. I am glad you didn't only cry. Are you okay?"
"Yep. I told you I was craughing."  (see her Friday Funnies post for the full story)

small girl (@smallgirltweets)
'Mummy, can you really really eat snails?' Yes, #smallgirl. I've eaten snails. 'Did they mind?'

#smallgirl: "The doors used to squeak and now they don't. Maybe they gave their squeak to a mouse."

Mama Crass (@sassypiehole)
(if you can't use your manners, we'll just go home and you can sit on the naughty spot) "Let's go!” -3yo daughter

Nicole G.
When my daughter was three and I was pregnant with my son, we would lay out in the sun together. One afternoon I got up to fill my glass with ice tea and my daughter says, "Mom, when you walk your buns jiggle. I like that mom. I hope my buns jiggle too when I'm a mommy." Gee, thanks Sugar! I think...

Jodey M.
When E (6yo) was little he used to have a fascination w/ his wee wee... i would catch him flexing it and doing other boyish things after he got outta the bath. when he got to the age where he would understand what i was telling him, i told him that if he wanted to look at that and poke at it, he could do it by himself behind closed doors. private parts equals private area. i thought this would solve my problem. but instead he marched himself into his room. after some silence i went to investigate only to find him naked from the waste down jumping up and down in front of the mirror, laughing! (he was like 4). but as long as he was doing his thing on his own time alone, i figured no sense in giving him a complex. a couple years later, when he entered kindergarten, the class was having a talk about private parts and good touch bad touch. since E attended the school i work at, the counselor approached me to inform me that he had something to tell during their discussion. apparently he had raised his hand in class and when called on proceeded to tell he counselor, his teacher and all the other kids in his class that "it is ok to look and poke ur privates as long as u do it by yourself behind a closed door!" of course i was horrified! at the end of the week when they wrapped up the lesson, another little boy raised his hand to tell what he had learned.... i am sure u can guess what it was!!!

Amy (@The_BMG)
My daughter (2 1/2yo) just said, "Bye-bye may-to. Tanks yet me eat you." (Bye-bye, tomato. Thanks for letting me eat you.)

Michael C.
Son (8yo): "Dad, when you were little what did you want to be? Paleontologist? Archeologist? Physicologist? I think I made that last one up.".....

"Everyone in my class wants to be a Dr but I want to be a Paleontologist. Those are hard jobs to get. They don't just put them in the paper."

The other day, my hubby (AKA BigToots) was playing with our daughter now 19 months. They were getting all excited and worked up about something they were playing with and BigToots shouts out "it's AMAZING!" and lil toot got so excited (now what you need to visualize when she gets excited is that her entire body gets involved- she shakes: arms up in the air, feet outstretched if sitting which she was, and head tensed as if the excitement might explode out of her little body) she shouted, "AMAYONAISE!!" and continued to shout it every time she said it bc of course our laughter gave her the reaction she loves to get.

Thank you for sharing! Keep thinking of us when your little ones say funny things. And if you enjoy what you've been reading, pass the word along - we love new friends!

Happy Tuesday,

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