What Is A Toot?

What is a "Toot"?

Well, I think we all know, but besides the obvious...

  - to Webster's it's:


verb \ˈtüt\

Definition of TOOT

intransitive verb
a : to sound a short blast <the horn tooted>

- to ToddleToots it's:

1) a shout-out or a declaration; to "toot" your own horn, if you will -- something to share whether it be a short story, an antic, a thought, or an accomplishment.  
2) a "softer" description of something that we expel from our bodies; a metaphor of the things that figuratively (and well, maybe sometimes literally;) come out of our children.

Our little ones are constantly learning and becoming more curious as they are growing and sometimes have genuine, yet often hilarious, questions or comment.  Plus, this is real life people, we know that after the 15th time they have asked the same question, you start making crap up, we want to hear all your wacky responses to the never-ending questions that your kids ask.  How often do you say, "I really should write that down!"?  Well, this is the place!  We want to share and laugh and enjoy the things that our kids say and do with you.

And we have several opportunities for you to share with us. Check out our Submissions page to see how you can participate and share your stories with us.

Why ToddleToots?

Simple: My daughter is at the age where she is talking more and more everyday. She has quite the fun, silly, and creative personality ALREADY and I wanted a place to document and share especially with family and friends. Then I started remembering different funny stories or things that my friends' and sisters' kids would say or do and how much fun it was to hear all of those.  Thus the idea for a central place where we could post and share and laugh... ToddleToots!

We can't wait to hear from you!

(Thanks to BigToots -aka "Daddy"- for the name idea)


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