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Tuesday's Toots! #7 "Potty Time": Where's the Poop?

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I haven't actually read this book yet
It's Tuesday's Toots! again, but today I decided to go with a theme.  That's right it's "Potty Time".  One of my readers sent in their funny story and it inspired what you are about to read.  And as everyone does poop (along with many other "potty time" situations - regarding the kids, of course ;) I'm sure this could be a recurring theme.  

(At a restaurant- Click 6-year-old-logic to read entire post) I don’t remember what prefaced it but I told M (6yo) she could have a piece of Key Lime Pie for dessert when we got home. The child loves Key Lime Pie and tries to sneak it onto every grocery list! This time though she looked at me and sadly said that her tummy was too full. I responded, reasonably I thought, that was okay, she could have some later. To which she replied,
“Oh yeah! My tummy will be empty later” … volume increases … “because” … another notch up in volume …I’ll POOP it out!

Tonight 3 y/o son RIPS ONE in Target and then says out LOUD "Mommy, who tooted?" Then he chuckles.

Nicole G.
Using a porta potty is always an interesting experience, but add to that taking your 2 yr old son with you while you have your 3 month old baby in a front pack...and that's a circus act! It's a good thing they had a handicapped one so we could all fit. My 2 yr old (Q) has a new found appreciation for urinals. Which is fine with me, since that means his dad must take him potty all the time being we don't have those in women’s restrooms. But this time, I was flying solo. And in the porta potty we were so "lucky" to have one. So after I helped him go potty, (standing on the seat so he could use the urinal), I realize that I really need to use the restroom as well. Q, not exactly knowing the anatomical differences between boys and girls yet, says, "Mom, you better not use the urinal."
"Why not, Son?" wondering where this was going...
"You better sit down, because you only have buns!"

(not actually her kids)
 Amy S.
(In regards to potty training):  Cheerios.....in the toilet.....that's what I did for my little guys.... made a game out of it..... if you can hit the cheerios you get a sticker!!!!!.....I have one great “pee'er” and one not so good......so who knows, but it seemed to help.....

Jodey M.
Apparently my child has a sweaty booty issue...

I saw E (6yo) crying in the library at school...I asked him what was wrong. He said his butt is all sweaty and it itches! I try to hold back the laughter cause it is very apparent that he was uncomfortable. I asked him how his tush got so wet (his pants were soaked) to which he replied, "running at recess... so my teacher told me to go to the bathroom and wipe it with a paper towel!" He had shoved a soaking wet paper towel down his pants to wipe his sweaty booty which is how his pants got so wet and why he was so itchy!

Come to find out later... While he was in the bathroom he got locked in the bathroom stall! 2 of my co-workers passed by the bathroom and heard him yelling, "help I am trapped in here and I can’t get out!! So not only did he have an itchy wet booty, but he also was traumatized from being locked in the bathroom stall! We agreed next time that he should use a dry paper towel and not to lock the stall:-) Luckily, i had an extra pair of pants and unders in my car!

Wendy M.
When Brother Rootbeer was about 22 months old, we were in the beginning stages of potty training. He had his little potty that he would often sit on and read books as I changed the laundry and picked up upstairs. One day he yelled at me from his little throne, "I poop a square! I poop a square!"... I ran in there to see what he was talking about and there in the little potty was a perfectly formed "triangle"... Like any first time mom, I was pretty impressed that he recognized that he had pooped a shape. So impressed that I took a pic of it! ;) What a little genius I must have on my hands to be able to poop shapes!  

Thank you to all who shared! I had so much fun putting this post together and I hope you enjoyed it. If this inspires any other stories, please keep sending them in! Email us at ToddleToots.  I will leave you with a montage of some cute, funny, and interesting pics I found today...

So you don't miss at night! (clean much?)

Nicole G. here's your answer ;)
Not really even sure what to say. WTH?

Convenient and maybe even GENIUS

Even Potty Trainers need a little group support

Happy Tooting!


Beth Zimmerman on February 22, 2011 at 9:07 AM said...

Thanks for sharing my little story and the link to my blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Such hilarious and adorable(ly gross?) stories. :)
Ironically, I was reading these this afternoon and looked out the window to see my (5 yr old) boy peeing onto the side of the house. Why use a urinal when you can just pee on the house?

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