Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday's Toots #11 Innocent Insults

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After a brief interlude... the Toots are BACK!!  

This week I wanted to try another themed Toots: INNOCENT INSULTS --You know the kind that come out when you least expect it (usually in public and most definitely embarrassing).


Tonight 3 y/o son RIPS ONE in Target and then says out LOUD "Mommy, who tooted?" Then he chuckles.

Misty R.
Sitting in the doctors office waiting room... Son (4yo) LOUDLY announces "mom you have a wart on your face!" No son, it's a zit, and thank you for pointing it out to the whole waiting area. Then he asks "mom why are all these women pregnant??". Not one of them is. I can't take him anywhere without being embarrassed lately!

Last week we were walking through Walmart and this cute grandma says to me "your boys are so cute" Son (same 4yo) says to her "well you are fat". I wonder how cute she thought they were after that!

Son (3.5 yo) insisted that my father-in-law (his grandpa) was pregnant because he has a belly. My FIL laughed and said it was a good question but no, he just needed to start exercising.

Shawna T.
My daughter (5yr.) said to our sweet neighbor lady (who looks quite amazing for her late 60's): "So why is it that some grandmas have turkey necks?" 
Neighbor: "well..... I don't know but good question." 
5yo: "hmmm, I was just wondering, did I tell you that you look my teacher? but she's skinnier than you." 

So my neighbor lady tells me this and of course I was MORTIFIED but she was laughing saying that she didn't mind at all, kids just tell you what is on their mind. She thought it was funny..... (Thank goodness) :)

Crayon Wrangler (@CrayonWrangler)
My kid loudly in crowded Walmart line: "Mom. How many VDs do you got?" (The word she's looking for is DVDs)

After a week of sitting on my couch with my lil toot (she had the flu) it was fun to put these together. Thanks to everyone for sharing with us! I'd love to visit this theme again sometime so keep 'em coming :)

Happy Tuesday!


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