Okay, so I know that I’m not exactly experienced in the Toddler years, but I am beginning the adventure with my 16mo old daughter.  I am one of the last of my sisters and my friends to begin the baby adventure.  They have some hilarious stories, insights, and opinions on Motherhood, raising their children, becoming the women they want to be, and surviving in their families.  I am truly excited to get deeper into the toddler years with my daughter and am already seeing her great personality and funny nature emerging and can’t wait to share.  I thought this would be a fun outlet for the friends I already have and for you, new friends that are in the same boat as many of us are… raising our children. 

So I know some of you have lots and lots of stories or little antics to share or maybe just general thoughts or advice. We can't wait to hear them all!  Here’s how this will go: 

If you have something you would like to share or a topic you would like to bring up for discussion, please send your writing to for submission.  We will play this out a bit and see how it goes, but for now these are the different categories we are looking for…

Tuesday's Toots 'n' Hoots! (Share a short story- funny, cute, or inspirational, a comment or question that your little one did or said throughout the week –good or bad-, something that made you giggle even if you were trying to keep a straight face)

Thoughts for Thursday (These are general thoughts, advice, random tips, or even questions you yourself may have looking for opinions from other moms that might be in similar situations. Disclaimer:  Please remember we are NOT professionals –well some might be but that is not the purpose of this site-  giving medical or legal advice of any kind, we are MOMs or DADs sharing our own expericnces.)

Friday Flashback (Maybe some of you have older kids, but you still remember the funny things they did or said when they were younger and want to share, well this is the place for them!)

Fill in the Blank Fun (This is just some random fun for laughs.  If you have a statement that you think would be fun to play with let us know!)

Articles of Special Interest (Some of you may have specified areas of interest in regards to your children, such as: special dietary needs, sibling issues, obstacles you had to overcome, etc. that you would be considered a longer article possibly for discussion or just and interesting FYI)

I think this could be a really fun way to laugh, share, learn, and maybe even cry at times together and remember and share in the joy our children bring into our lives.

Guidelines (Just a few) Let's keep things on a positive note!  We are sharing things that are personal and when it comes to our kids, there isn't anything more personal, so please be respectful of each other's experiences and opinions.  Offer comments, suggestions, and advice in a friendly manner.  In regards to privacy, feel free to change your kids' names, use a creative screen name, or just their first initial.  We will automatically use their first initial and we will just initial last names as well.  Also, if you want to add your children's age(s) that would be fun too.  ToddleToots reserves the right to post or not post submissions for any reason.  

Thank you for your interest in participating in our community.  We look forward to reading your stories!

Send submissions to

We can't wait to hear from you,

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