Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday's Toots! #12

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Welcome to Tuesday's Toots! The place where we post the funny things our little ones say and do. Thanks to everyone who shared with us last week for our Innocent Insults themed Toots! I thought that was a fun post and would love to do it again, so if you find yourself embarrassed by something your kiddos say in public or to someone else, please share it with us! 

Mama Crass (@SassyPieHole)
‎3yo daughter:"Mommy LOOK! He's NAKED!" 
Me: who's naked 
3yo:"That guy! He's not wearing a shirt... someone will see his boobies!"
Me: put your shoes on 
Same 3yo:"NO putting my shoes on!" 
Me: I give up today 
3yo:"THAT'S the SPIRIT!!"

Small girl (@smallgirltweets)
smallgirl: (watching The Wizard of Oz) "I like why the Cowardly Lion wipes his nose with his tail. Cos lions don't really have tissues, do they?"
smallgirl: "I'm the Good Witch Glenda, Granddad." 
AgedGP: You'll be the star of the show!
smallgirl: "Oh Granddad. Good Witch Glenda doesn't make a show. She just goes in a bubble".

Ally (@allycondie): My 4-year-old niece ate her first cotton candy & said, "it's like eating a nice fluffy kitten!"

Janelle (@renegademama1)
"Mama, the lady at the store said this crystal is magic, but I just asked it to turn me into a Transformer. And I'm not. So she lied."

Amanda G. (@caffeinated_mom)
Hubs talking to 2y/o: Your pants are falling down U little rapper-wannabe U! 4y/o: her name is Emily Daddy! U should know better than that!

Tiffany Beaudry
My daughter (2yo)has decided in order to say "so long suckers!" without getting soap in her mouth, she waits until I'm in the shower and goes to the farthest wall in the bathroom, YELLS IT, and runs off laughing!

Bridget R. (@imade4babies)

I have 2 sets of twins. When the boy in the older set was 4 he walked by my mother's dryer and saw her bra laying on top of it to dry. He said, "My mommy has those, only hers are bigger."


3yo & my wife had a talk on writing in a Diary today. Later, 3yo says to me, "Daddy, I want to write in my diarrhea one day"

I hope you enjoyed today's Toots! Thanks to everyone who shared your little one's comments with us. In case you have not had the chance to watch this YouTube video that has been making a huge impression... I will leave you with it and hope it makes you smile! It's hilarious and intriguing...

Happy Tuesday!


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