Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday's Toots! #8

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Happy March 1st! It's Tuesday and you know what that means... So without further adieu, let the "tooting" begin ;)

Funny Bunny 1 (6yo) came in the kitchen as I was doing dishes, came up to me and said, "Mom, I totally craughed when I banged my knee in the wall."
"You what?"
"I craughed. You know, when you do something that hurts but it's so funny that you have to just cry and laugh at the same time."
"I didn't know that. I am glad you didn't only cry. Are you okay?"
"Yep. I told you I was craughing."  (see her Friday Funnies post for the full story)

small girl (@smallgirltweets)
'Mummy, can you really really eat snails?' Yes, #smallgirl. I've eaten snails. 'Did they mind?'

#smallgirl: "The doors used to squeak and now they don't. Maybe they gave their squeak to a mouse."

Mama Crass (@sassypiehole)
(if you can't use your manners, we'll just go home and you can sit on the naughty spot) "Let's go!” -3yo daughter

Nicole G.
When my daughter was three and I was pregnant with my son, we would lay out in the sun together. One afternoon I got up to fill my glass with ice tea and my daughter says, "Mom, when you walk your buns jiggle. I like that mom. I hope my buns jiggle too when I'm a mommy." Gee, thanks Sugar! I think...

Jodey M.
When E (6yo) was little he used to have a fascination w/ his wee wee... i would catch him flexing it and doing other boyish things after he got outta the bath. when he got to the age where he would understand what i was telling him, i told him that if he wanted to look at that and poke at it, he could do it by himself behind closed doors. private parts equals private area. i thought this would solve my problem. but instead he marched himself into his room. after some silence i went to investigate only to find him naked from the waste down jumping up and down in front of the mirror, laughing! (he was like 4). but as long as he was doing his thing on his own time alone, i figured no sense in giving him a complex. a couple years later, when he entered kindergarten, the class was having a talk about private parts and good touch bad touch. since E attended the school i work at, the counselor approached me to inform me that he had something to tell during their discussion. apparently he had raised his hand in class and when called on proceeded to tell he counselor, his teacher and all the other kids in his class that "it is ok to look and poke ur privates as long as u do it by yourself behind a closed door!" of course i was horrified! at the end of the week when they wrapped up the lesson, another little boy raised his hand to tell what he had learned.... i am sure u can guess what it was!!!

Amy (@The_BMG)
My daughter (2 1/2yo) just said, "Bye-bye may-to. Tanks yet me eat you." (Bye-bye, tomato. Thanks for letting me eat you.)

Michael C.
Son (8yo): "Dad, when you were little what did you want to be? Paleontologist? Archeologist? Physicologist? I think I made that last one up.".....

"Everyone in my class wants to be a Dr but I want to be a Paleontologist. Those are hard jobs to get. They don't just put them in the paper."

The other day, my hubby (AKA BigToots) was playing with our daughter now 19 months. They were getting all excited and worked up about something they were playing with and BigToots shouts out "it's AMAZING!" and lil toot got so excited (now what you need to visualize when she gets excited is that her entire body gets involved- she shakes: arms up in the air, feet outstretched if sitting which she was, and head tensed as if the excitement might explode out of her little body) she shouted, "AMAYONAISE!!" and continued to shout it every time she said it bc of course our laughter gave her the reaction she loves to get.

Thank you for sharing! Keep thinking of us when your little ones say funny things. And if you enjoy what you've been reading, pass the word along - we love new friends!

Happy Tuesday,


Heidi (lilmommyfoofoo) on March 1, 2011 at 8:16 AM said...

Lol. Love it!
I am totally going to yell AMAYONAISE next time something cool happens! ;)

ag.gray.gate on March 1, 2011 at 11:14 AM said...

Jack (4) to his little Sister (2)): Can you hurry up and push out some babies so there are some more people to play with around here.

Beth Zimmerman on March 2, 2011 at 8:43 AM said...

These are great! I love the logic of little kids!

ToddleToots! on March 2, 2011 at 9:07 PM said...

Thanks for the comments!

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