Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday's Toots! #15

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Yes, I am fully aware that it is Thursday. But on Tuesday, I was not apparently in my right mind enough to know that it was, well, Tuesday and I forgot (oh the shame!) to get the Toots out. Sad I know, but a recurring issue that I call "mama brain". I did have some memory issues before I had my lovely Lil Toot, but not near what it is now. 
So get ready for Tuesday's Toots... on Thursday (at least they both start with "T's" right? ;)

Real Life With Kids @Real Life with Kids
Tip #462 from my 7yo son. "Mom? You NEVER hug someone with a machete." Then, "Mom, you do know what a machete is, don't you?"
Linette S.A.
when I was sick the other day, M(2yo daughter) "Mommy shut your eyes" she starting singing me the song from the movie Tangled. ... "let your power shine, let the clock reverse..." so sweet. We just might have a little singer on our hands.
Megg J. @meggjensen1
My kids are signing Darth Vader's Imperial March with one word - butt. *Welcome to my house*
Elizabeth H.
While I attempted to correct J for hitting his brother, he corrected me. "Mom, I didn't hit him! I punched him."

Wind Mill Tales @windmilltales
Greeted my DD after nursery today with, “Hiya beautiful”. She replied, “No mummy I'm gorgeous!”
Preschool Gems @preschoolgems
"I don't want to be myself anymore because I can't stop eating cheese."
"Happy Mother's Day, Mommy! I like you as much as I love our couch, and I really love our couch."

Thanks for everyone's comments and Happy THURSDAY! 



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