Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday's Toots!

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Time for Toots!

Shawna T.
We were driving to dance class and 5yo daughter says "I guess when I grow up I'm gonna be a monkey."
Me: "honey why do say that?"
5yo daughter: "cause I keep growing this hair on my legs!" :)

Michael C.
Son: "The only thing better than an iPad... is spaghetti." 
That kid loves spaghetti.

Sassypiehole (via @Sassypiehole)
3yo daughter:  "I wanna be a purple princess!" (you are a purple princess) "No, I'm not a princess... I'm just a naked girl."

3yo daughter:  (do you need to go poopie) "No! I'm TIRED of going poopies! I'll do it tomorrow."

Rachael U.
7yo Son: Hey mom, what are we having for dinner?

Me: Um, I'm thinking steak!

7yo Son: YESSSSS....Steak is my favorite chicken!!!!!

My other son (4yo) came out of the bathroom and said.. "mom..I (f)ink toilets are made out of eggs.... cause I just saw a crack in one!) =)

Thanks to everyone who shared! I hope this made you smile :)  Keep thinking of us when your little ones say funny things. 


Also, we are looking for "articles" regarding Motherhood/Fatherhood: things you love about it, what brings you joy, what makes you smile, favorite memories, etc.

We are still taking stories to add to "New Year's Resolutions Through the Eyes of a Child" (previous post) throughout January if you want to talk about resolutions with your kiddos.


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