Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday's Toots! - 1st of 2011

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Welcome to 2011!!  I hope the holidays have found you rested, well fed, and excited for all the possibilities of this new year.  To start this new year off with some laughs, we have a few "Toots" to share with you:

Meghan A.
My daughter, L (3yo) told her daddy on the phone today, "Daddy, when I get bigger, I'm gonna do jumping on the sticks!" Yeah, she means gymnastics :)

Shea C.
My (7yo) was telling me her dream. When she finished I said, "That's crazy!  Why were you dreaming that?"  She replied, "I don't pick my dreams, someone else does, I never do".

Wendy M.
I just overheard Brother Rootbeer say this to his little sister, as he was playing with his new nerf gun: "I will shoot your butt, it's like a gun spanking." 

Shawna T.
Our new years eve excitement started early when my son B (3yo) decided to stick a tiny lego up his nose... I was freaking out and his dad, as usual was as cool as a cucumber when he removed it with little tweezers. All is well and B said, "We do not put wegos up our nose, bad choice." :) bless his heart!

Michael C. (and our first "dad post")
My son (after finding a cover for his iPod for $5.49): "I like Best Buy.....it's way better than Rosauer's. I know it's not a grocery store, but...it's way better."

Ariana L.
My 6 year old daughter was being extremely helpful and was taking the lights off the Christmas tree. She said, "You might want to watch out for pricks!" I thought that was sound advice from a 6 year old!

I've heard there's a lot of "sickies" out there and hopefully this made you smile.  We are just getting over that obnoxious cold here at my house and I send you thoughts of a speedy recovery.  Because of the "down-time" we had, there were LOTS of movies watched and not just by us parents.  I can't even tell you how many times all the new Sesame Street DVDs that my daughter got for Christmas have been played.  Her fascination with Elmo (previously pronounced "Melmo") has expanded to the rest of the crew: Abby, Cookie (oh, she LOVES Cookie! His name is practically shouted whenever she sees him), Zoe, Big Bird, the Count, and Rosita (who I'm afraid to say is affectionately pronounced "Ta-Ta" similar to when she use to pronounce "kitties"... well, let's just say it started with a "T". I'm happy to say that is no longer the case.) 

I hope you enjoyed our little assortment of "Toots".  I wish the very best for you and your families in this new year.  In the spirit of this new year (and it still being January), if you have older kids ask them about their New Year's Resolutions/Goals - we'd love to compile a list! Or if you have any cute stories from any of the holidays, we'd love to hear! 

Thanks to all who shared their stories, keep 'em coming!

Happy Tooting!


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