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New Year's Resolutions Through the Eyes of a Child 2011

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In the spirit of the new year, many of us tend to participate in the age old tradition of resolutions: examining where we are in life and where we want to go and the things we want to accomplish for the coming year.  Who would have thought that even "little ones" might have a few goals of their own? Well, I did and thus this segment was born.  If these inspire you to ask your own kids about their goals, please keep sending them in and we will continue this segment through the rest of January.

Welcome to "New Year's Resolutions Through the Eyes of a Child":

Shea C.
7yo daughter: I want to listen to my mom better and get along with my sisters better. Me: Is there anything fun you want to do this year? 7yo: I want to ride the biggest, bestest roller coaster! And I want to pick flowers and put them in vases. Me: Anything else?  7yo: To have chapped lips and face (she's been skiing).  Me: Do you mean you DON'T want chapped lips and face?  7yo: Ya... whatever, you know what I mean.

5yo daughter: I want to read and to write more words.  Me: Anything fun you want to do this year?  5yo: To do binastics (gymnastics -lol)

Apparently my son's wish for the new year is for the sky to be blue & the grass to be green. Such a dreamer.

Shawna T.
So my 5 yr. old daughter says, "My New Resolution is to use my listening ears more. Oh yeah, and get to the gym more often!" My 3 yr. old son said, "my New Year is to play with my trains more!" 

Keli B.
I loved the idea of sitting with my kids and talking about their goals, but at first they weren't so sure about it:
The Little Miss (7) quickly told me this was way too much like school, too hard for her to understand and she needed to get back to organizing her JustinBieberathon of posters and books she got for Christmas.  (I don’t make this stuff up.)   I asked her to stick around and listen to her brother’s to see if maybe it helped her think of anything.
My Little Man (5) quickly said “I want to be nice and not grumpy and earn mostly smiley faces on my calendar so I can get rewards and be good.  Then I want to have some peace and quiet and then maybe go sledding a lot.  Is this how it works Momma?”  (If you know this child you now understand why the Apocalypse is upon us.)
The Little Miss then decided to play along (probably since I was on the floor passed out from the shock of my Little Man’s adorably thoughtful response.)  “I want to throw a big party so everyone knows how much they are my friend.  Then I want to start doing more nice things for other people – and not just worry about myself.   I’ll start by shoveling snow for people  who can’t do it themselves.  Then I’ll think of more things.  Maybe I’ll start making cards and sending them to people to tell them I’m thinking about them and hope they are doing good.  Oh- and I wouldn’t mind getting some new shoes.”  (That’s my girl!)
To read the full story visit her blog: Improperly Forward

My daughter is too young to verbalize her new year's goals (1 1/2), but I was trying to teach her to say "Happy New Year" and she mumbled something close in return then automatically started shouting it as she roamed all over the house with her arms up in the air like she does when she says "surprise".

Thank you to everyone who shared their children's goals! Remember you can still submit goals throughout January so keep 'em coming.  Make sure you sign up to receive your Toots via email so you don't miss anything.

Thank You!


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