Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Flashbacks

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When my oldest daughter was 2, she would go in her room for a nap and would talk, sing and cry, then it was completely silent. So I would go in and check on her and could not find her anywhere! Her room was tiny too, not many places she could have gone. We kept all her dolls and stuffed animals in her closet and there she would be snuggled right in the middle of them, all I could see was her face sticking out! She was a doll!

Shea C.                                                                   

Last summer my daughter, Roz, was learning to ride a two-wheeler bike. We started working at it in the beginning of the summer. Her first time out was not exactly a raving success. We thought it was an awesome first time, but she was so hard on herself. Mostly, I think she was just terrified of falling. Inevitably, she crashed a couple of times...shed some tears and went through a few band-aids too. In fact, it took about a month for her to get up the courage to even try it again.

Once she finally got back on the bike, something clicked and she got it! She still needed to work on turning (it's a bit of an art form after-all) and stopping, BUT she was riding! As we started jumping up and down - cheering her on, I over-heard her saying to herself (as she pedaled by) 'Go Rozy, Go! Go Rozy, GO!'

It was SO awesome to watch her kick that two-wheeler's butt! Yet, it was almost more awesome to hear her cheering herself on - facing her fears and conquering. THAT is something that will stay with her for the rest of her life.

Every once in a while I think of Roz cheering herself on and it reminds me to do the same. When life gets hard and I start feeling like I'm being swallowed up - I think if Roz can do it, then so can I. Go, go, go...

It may be simple or even a little cheesy, but it's also inspiring. Isn't it amazing how that can happen? You are the parent, yet your kids can teach you along the way too.

Nicole A.


ToddleToots! on December 17, 2010 at 9:53 AM said...

Cute stories gals, thanks for sharing!

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