Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday's Toots! #9

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Happy Tuesday! I hope you enjoy reading the funny and cute things that our little ones have been saying. I love putting them together every Monday night, they make me smile and I hope they make you smile too...

Mama Crass (@sassypiehole)
3yo daughter: "I have something in my belly button!" (stop playing and eat your supper) "It's just an egg in my belly!"

at Ikea: 3yo: "Hey... that looks just like ME in the mirror!" (honey, that IS you in the mirror)

Alicia (@aggraygate)
J (4) to his little Sister (2)): Can you hurry up and push out some babies so there are some more people to play with around here.

5 yr old just told me that they are goin on a trip 2 church tomorrow and he thinks god will be there to show him round. How innocent.

Betty Sue (@kidzquotes)
E (4yrs) 'Mum, your hairdude (hairdo) looks like a carousel'

7yrs: 'I love this song. It's by Ribena & M & Ms' (Rihanna & Eminem)

'I'm singing in my best Oprah voice' (C 7 yrs.)
Uh... do u mean Opera?

Rachael U.
>kids just went to bed<

L (4yo son): MOM!!

Me:*sigh* yes L?

L: I had a nightmare!!

Me: You haven't fallen asleep yet...

L:....um..yes I did...and and...I had a nightmare!!

Me: No buddy...ya didn't! Go to sleep!!

L: Yes I did...it was about...about..(giggle)..OK mom, you're right I didn't!! Goodnight!!

Thank you to everyone who shared!! Keep us in mind next time your kids do or say funny things. Please feel free to comment if something strikes you funny or reminds you of something your own kids said.  We LOVE comments!



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